Orcas Island Chiropractor Dr. Jared Kohler can help resolve chronic cervical flexion (aka Text Neck) which is a cause of neck pain, headaches, and upper back pain.  Text Neck strains the delicate muscles, arteries, and nerves in the neck.  Many of these structures connect the brain to the body. For example, the internal jugular vein is one of the main drains of blood from the brain.  Text Neck posture may cause compression of the jugular vein around the front of the atlas vertebrae. Compression causes a back-up of metabolic waste in the brain and damages delicate brain tissue. Research shows this to be contributor to neuro-degenerative diseases such as MS, ALS & Alzheimer’s.  Text neck also compromises muscles and delicate nerve tissues and excites a cascade of tissue damage that leads to neck pain, headaches and poor health.  You don’t have to live like this, Dr. Kohler can help!