Glorious Dawn at The Vital Energy Center

1) Payment for Services

Payment for services is due at the time-of-service. Payment methods include: cash, digital transfer through Venmo & Zelle, and select Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink & Cardano. We do not directly bill private or government insurance of any kind. If you plan on submitting for insurance reimbursement, we can provide you with a receipt that contains all the necessary information for direct reimbursement from your insurance. It’s easier than you think, and many private health plans offer out-of-network benefits for our services. Many of our patients discover that they actually save money when paying directly and submitting to their insurance company on their own.

2) Fee Schedule

Chiropractic care with Jared Kohler BSc, DC, DCCJP

Dr. Kohler’s service fee as of June 1st, 2021 = 285./hr

New member 1st visit: 285./hr The first visit is approximately 1 hr for the consultation, detailed evaluation, first adjustment and self-care guidance. Complex cases with extensive histories and review of previous records/imaging may require additional time that will be prorated at 285/hr.

Follow up visits: 95. >> Follow up visits are approximately 20-25 minutes and includes chiropractic adjustments, muscle activation and self-care guidance.

Home Exercise routine: 75. >> design & delivery of your home exercise program. Patients gain access to the recommended exercises through the online portal.

Evaluation of a New Injury or Concern: 145. This is for existing practice members. Up to 30 minutes to assess any new injuries or conditions. Complex conditions may require additional time which will be prorated at 285/hr.

Energy Attunement w/ Carolyn Story M.ed

** (deduct 10% for remote sessions)

In-person Attunement: 1-hr=100 & 2-hrs = 200.

First Attunement: About 2 hours. This is the foundational Attunement where we begin the process of recognizing and releasing negative mental-emotional trauma. Various techniques, aligned to your energy, are called upon to help you uncover & clear your energy field. A new you begins to emerge as you connect more deeply with your Soul-Self.

Progressive Attunements: 1 and 2 hour sessions. Our intention is to help you stay attuned to your highest self and progressively release new emotional/mental blocks that hold you back. Periodic attunements help to deepen your transformation while you attain new levels of freedom and joy. In times of mental & emotional stress, an attunement can help you stay grounded in your true nature, make better decisions, and move effortlessly through life’s challenges.

Digital X-rays and Analysis:

  • Atlas Orthogonal Set (5  films): 250

  • Thoracic Spine: mid-back (2 films): 120

  • Lumbar : lower back (2 films): 120

  • Any region: (1 film): 65