Glorious Dawn on Orcas Island

1) Payment for Services

Payment for services is due at the time-of-service. We accept cash, check or digital transfer through Venmo & Zelle.  We do not directly bill private or government insurance of any kind. If you plan on submitting for insurance reimbursement, we can provide you with a receipt that contains all the necessary information for direct reimbursement from your insurance provider.  It’s easier than you think, and many private health plans offer out-of-network benefits for our services.

2) Fee Schedule

Chiropractic care with Jared Kohler BSc, DC, DCCJP

House Call:  Initial visit:  285./hr:  The initial visit is approximately 1-hr and includes: a thorough consultation, detailed evaluation, discussion of findings and treatment recommendations, the first adjustment and self-care guidance.  Extended visits may incur additional fees.

House Call:  Follow up visits:  145.   Follow up visits are approximately 30 minutes and include: a detailed re-evaluation, chiropractic & neurokinetic adjustments, manual therapies, progress review & self-care guidance. 

Travel Fees:   Billed at 2.50/per mile from my home base near the Orcas Ferry.  Minimum fee= 25$.   One fee per location.  I welcome home visits for family & friends at the same location.   

*Urgent same day visits may incur additional fees. 

Energy Attunement w/ Carolyn Story M.ed

Attunements: Live:  1-hr=100 & 2-hrs = 200.

Attunements: Remote: 1-hr= 90 & 2-hrs = 180

First Attunement: About 2 hours. This is the foundational Attunement where we begin the process of recognizing and releasing negative mental-emotional trauma. Various techniques, aligned to your energy, are called upon to help you uncover & clear your energy field. A new you begins to emerge as you connect more deeply with your Soul-Self.

Progressive Attunements: 1 & 2 hour sessions. Our intention is to help you stay attuned to your highest self and progressively release new emotional/mental blocks that hold you back. Periodic attunements help to deepen your transformation while you attain new levels of freedom and joy. In times of mental & emotional stress, an attunement can help you stay grounded in your true nature, make better decisions, and move effortlessly through life’s challenges.

Travel Fees:  Based on milage with one fee per location.  We welcome visits from friends & family at the same time