1) Direct Pay (time-of-service)

We are are a Direct Pay clinic.  What that means is that payment is made by you at the time-of-service.  This method saves us time and money and we pass the savings along to you by offering you a time-of-service discount!  If you plan on submitting for insurance reimbursement, we will provide you with a receipt that contains all the necessary information to submit to your insurance company for direct reimbursement.  It’s easier than you think, and many private health plans like Premera, Lifewise, Aetna, Cigna, Regence, Kaiser and others, offer out-of-network benefits for our services.  Many of our patients discover that they actually save money when paying directly and submitting to their insurance company on their own.

2) Auto Accident and Work Injury Claims

For Open/Active claims only: We offer direct billing for Auto Accident  (PIP) and Work-Related Injuries  (Labor & Industries claims) (Massage only)

We will accurately submit bills with any necessary documentation to your insurance company.  All insurance payments made to The Vital Energy Center on your behalf will be applied to your account upon receipt.  Any portion of the bill not covered by your insurance company will be the patients responsibility.

If you do not have an open/active claim for personal injury protection (PIP) and/or have a 3rd Party Claim, we require payment at the time-of-service.

3) Direct Pay Fee Schedule

Chiropractic care with Jared Kohler BSc, DC, BCAO, DCCJP

New member 1st visit:   180-400 >>   Consultation & thorough evaluation of one or more areas of concern. The fee range is based on time, the number of areas assessed, the complexity of your condition, and the review of previous records & imaging (MRI’s, X-rays, etc).

Regular visit:  75-100    >>  approximately 15 minutes: the fee range is based on the number of regions addressed, therapy provided, and the complexity of your condition.

Home Exercise routine:  40  >> design & delivery of your home exercise program.  Patients gain access to the recommended exercises through the Webexercises.com online portal.

Re-evaluations & Coordination of care:  95-205    >>  approximately 30 minutes:  For progress evaluations & for the assessment of new injuries &/or conditions. Fee range is based on the number of areas assessed & the complexity of your condition.

Digital X-rays and Analysis:

  • Atlas Orthogonal Set (5  films): 250

  • Thoracic Spine: mid-back (2 films): 120

  • Lumbar : lower back (2 films): 120

  • Any region: (1 film): 65

Massage & Manual Ligament Therapy

  • Manual Ligament Therapy with Stephen Wadsworth LMT:

    Initial visit= 130.  1-hr consultation, evaluation, report of finding, first treatment, self-care

    Regular visits: 1-hr =110  1/2 hour= 60  : evaluation, treatment, self-care exercises

  • Massage Therapy with Sarah or Jen : 1 hour= 90