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Carolyn Story M.Ed., NTP

At the Vital Energy Center, I specialize in nutrition optimization and Nutritional Response Testing (NRT). NRT is a non-invasive way to test the autonomic nervous system which regulates our major organs such as the heart, stomach and intestines. Through NRT, I can determine what nutrition your body needs and create an individualized health program specifically designed for you. I can help you determine the stressors that hinder the functioning of the specific gland or organ and, most importantly, help you address those stressors to maximize your health and vitality.

I believe that our diet is absolutely integral to our happiness and well-being, and I am dedicated to helping people make the connection to how the foods they eat influence their emotional, mental, and physical health. Everything we put into our bodies either strengthens us or weakens us, so it’s imperative to have awareness of the foods we eat and the impact they have. My goal is to provide people with healthy food choices that give them the energy to have the best life experience possible.

I have always had an interest in health and nutrition. Growing up on a family-owned dairy farm in Minnesota and involved in many athletics, I gained an early appreciation for healthy, whole foods and their effects on the body.

That passion only grew after I spent 15 years working in public schools, primarily focused on teaching students with special needs.  I was fortunate to have had a diverse experience, teaching 2nd – 12th graders, and working domestically (Minnesota, Wisconsin, California, Arizona and Washington) and internationally (England, Russia, South Africa, and Kuwait).  This worldwide view allowed me to witness firsthand the effects of food on behavior and a student’s ability to learn.

As an educator, I felt as if I had my hands tied.  It was virtually impossible to teach when the cognitive abilities of my students were compromised by their eating habits – namely, SUGAR.  Still having a desire to teach, I decided to earn my certificate as a Nutrition Therapist Practitioner in order to help people see how food and digestion affects our health, behaviors, thoughts, and emotions.

By improving our digestion and nutrition, our cells will be able to access the building materials they need to be vibrant and healthy. We need to allow our cells to be fed, and this starts with digestion. I believe in the innate healing of our bodies – mind, body, and spirit – and that healing can’t take place if our digestion is not functioning effectively, nor if our emotions are unstable.

I feel excited for you, and I welcome the opportunity to work with any person who wants to take the necessary action steps to creating the vibrant and joyful life that they deserve. Let’s start today!!

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