Massage in Seattle Washington

Sarah Denham, LMP

Tues & Thurs 2 – 6 pm

Sarah is an absolute joy! With over 14 years’ experience in the healing arts, she has refined her sense of touch, intuition, and ability to provide an exceptional massage experience. Her treatment style is a blend of traditional deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, energy healing and Reiki; the perfect blend to calm your mind, relieve stress, and calm painful muscles and joints.

In addition to her Massage Therapy Certification, Sarah is also trained in Pregnancy & Infant Massage, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy , and LaStone Therapy (LST)

Sarah enjoys spending time with family and friends, reconnecting with nature, and bringing smiles and laughter into the world. She and her husband Dave are the proud parents of twin girls Ella & Skyla, as well as a Golden Retriever Lucy. They enjoy seeing how their daughters are developing into their own little beings, changing each and every day.

“Sarah’s work is the perfect blending of skill, experience, sensitivity and intuition. I felt relaxed and renewed after every massage — body, mind and spirit. The tightness in my body seemed to melt away and was replaced with a sense of well-being. ” – J. Hill

Massage in Seattle

Jessica Delos Santos, LMP

Mon & Tues 2 – 7 pm

Wed 10 – 2 pm

Fri 12 – 7pm

Jessica is a believer in the mind, body, spirit connection. Her intuitive and clinical approach to massage is a reflection of this principle. Her treatment style is a blend of myofascial release & deep tissue massage which helps to relieve sore and aching muscles.  Jessica’s intuitive touch fosters the release of emotional stress thereby calming the mind and body.

Jessica continues to deepen her understanding of the body/mind and has great skills in myofascial and neuromuscular techniques, prenatal, deep tissue and Swedish relaxation massage.  Her greatest joy comes from witnessing the shift in emotion, health and centeredness her clients experience as a result of her work.  Jessica enjoys laughing, collecting crystals, hiking and crafting in her free time. She hopes to inspire and assist in healing the world one massage at a time!

“I have been a client of Jessica’s for about two years now.  I began coming to her for a deep tissue message to address a unique back problem that I have.  She has proven to be very knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of message therapy.  She has helped me so much with my back that I truly feel that my quality of life has been drastically improved.  Not only is she an exceptional message therapist, but she is so much more.  Her use of cranial-sacral and reiki technics are added bonuses in my treatment.  Jessica is very intuitive and can locate areas needing special attention without me having to point them out.  Jessica not only addresses the physical, but also the meta-physical.  She is experienced in energy healing and the use of crystals.  These few words do not come close to showing how much I appreciate what she has done for me.”  –  Randy 

Gift Certificates Available!

Gift Certificates available!