Glorious Dawn on Orcas Island

Transformational Healing

w/ Carolyn Story MEd

Energy Healing

Are you looking for positive change in your life?

Are you causing yourself unnecessary emotional pain or anxiety?
Is your inner dialogue abusive, judgmental and self-destructive?

Are you feeling depressed about life & lacking love & gratitude?

If so, I am here to help.  I am a subtle body energy worker who specializes in helping people release the burden of  mental & emotional trauma by clearing limiting belief systems, resolving negative emotional energy, and shifting your inner dialogue from abusive to supportive.   The clearing & release work is powerful and results in a greater capacity to express joy and happiness in life.

The many mental and emotional traumas that we experience throughout our lives are cumulative.  Trauma disrupts our energy field and separates us from our highest, most vibrant self.  Trauma can happen in many ways: at birth, during childhood, after a physical injury, due to an abusive relationship or as the result of a shocking life change. Often times this wreaks havoc in the relationship we have with ourselves and others and has a negative effects on our lives.  It becomes difficult to think clearly, fear and anxiety take root, and it becomes difficult to progress in lifeThe truth is, we don’t need to be held prisoner or be a victim of past events; there is a path to freedom. J

When the burden of mental & emotional trauma is released and healed, the path is cleared for new empowering energies to take root. This will allow you to make powerful shifts in your life.  When feelings of safety, love and freedom begin to dominate your thoughts and emotions, life becomes more joyous, fun, and abundant.  Moving in the direction of your dreams becomes easier as you regain the confidence and self-esteem that is at the heart of your true nature.  A renewed and more vibrant sense of self begins to emerge!

Now is time to release the limiting energies that are holding you back.  I invite you to create a new vision for yourself, opening to the abundant possibilities of how you want your life to be.  It will be an honor to work with you

Contact Carolyn directly if you have questions or if you’re ready to schedule your 1st Attunement.

Fees:  1-hr=100 & 2-hrs = 200. (+travel fees)

First Attunement: About 2 hours.

 This is the foundational Attunement where we begin the process of recognizing and releasing negative mental-emotional trauma.  Various techniques, aligned to your energy, are called upon to help you uncover & clear your energy field.  A new you begins to emerge as you connect more deeply with your Soul-Self.

Progressive Attunements: 1 & 2 hour sessions.

Our intention is to help you stay attuned to your highest self and progressively release new emotional/mental blocks that hold you back.  Periodic attunements help to deepen your transformation while you attain new levels of freedom and joy.  In times of mental & emotional stress, an attunement can help you stay grounded in your true nature, make better decisions, and move effortlessly through life’s challenges.

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